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Wednesday Dogs
Tuesday Golden Retrievers?

Personal Experience: Recently I have been sharing a very old dog with a friend. I call Jagger my Tuesday- Wednesday Dog, for he stays with me those two days and returns to his other home the rest of the week.

This is a win-win-win situation for my friend, for myself and for dogs like Jagger. My friend gets some time off, dogs involved get more attention love and excitement; and I get to be a "grandparent" who sends the dog back when I am tired.

This is similar to the idea of taking companion dogs (healing dogs) visiting hospitals and nursing homes. But millions of non-institutionalized folks (mainly elderly but also singles who might have to travel) would enjoy visits by dogs on Tuesday or Saturday or occasionally while the dogs' owners were working.

Would your dog enjoy visiting a elderly relative/ neighbor a few hours a week? Could you make a phone call about this now?


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